The MSCF Mentor Program connects first-year students with an alumni and second-year student who provide wisdom about the industry, deepen communication skills, develop career success factors and leadership skills. Through the MSCF Mentor Program, First-Year Student Mentees are matched with an Alumni Mentor and Second-Year Peer Mentor who are pursuing similar career goals or who have a similar background, career field or desired location.

Alumni Mentors and Second-Year Peer Mentors form supportive relationships with First-Year Student Mentees built on the shared experience of attending MSCF and connect one-on-one in an relaxed, informal way. It’s a valuable relationship that serves as an important complement to classroom and action learning experiences, and makes for a richer experience in the MSCF program.

With a mentoring-specific software platform to guide the connection and communication, the MSCF Mentor Program is designed to help current students develop an advantage as they prepare for their careers while also providing our mentors with the opportunity to connect more deeply with the MSCF community. Because matches are suggested based on this profile data, they are more logical and relevant. Identifying the right mentor is no longer a time-consuming search. Participants are encouraged to connect via email, phone and in-person meetings. Please sign up now to join the MSCF Mentor Program as a First-Year Student Mentee.

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