Thank you for your interest in serving as a mentor to other physicians. Your insights will assist currentand past students as they navigate their career paths. You may be contacted to discuss yourprofessional experiences, recommendations, story about the MMM experience, and more.

This platform offers embedded calendars and milestones to keep a mentor relationship on track, but youmay also find physicians using it as a directory for one-off questions. The frequency and form ofcommunication are completely up to participants to determine.

Please note you needn’t choose between serving as a mentor and getting a mentor for yourself. You canprovide the benefit of your wisdom to others while also continuing to hone your skills with a mentor ofyour own.

One other thing … in recognition of the changing dynamics in physician leadership and the needs ofwomen leaders in medicine, CMU is pleased to offer members of the American Medical Women’sAssociation (AMWA) the opportunity to connect with MMM alumni and gain professional insight. We hopeyou will consider sharing your wisdom with AMWA members as well as current and past MMM students.

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