CMU is pleased to provide an opportunity for you to form supportive relationships built upon the sharedexperience of completing the MMM program. Connect one-on-one using this platform to receive careerguidance, professional advice, and industry insights.

The program is designed to help you develop an advantage as you move forward with leadershipendeavors, while also providing our mentors with the opportunity to connect more deeply with the MMMcommunity.

You can make this site as formal a tool as you like, using embedded calendars and milestones to keep amentor relationship on track, or by simply reaching out to other physicians with a specific question. Thefrequency and form of communication are completely up to participants to determine.

And note you don’t have to choose between mentoring and being mentored; you may be searching foradvice in one area, but excel in another. Never underestimate the value your perspective brings!

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