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Take a Tartan to Work featured in CMU Alumni Newsletter

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Remember, for the 2017-2018 academic year, students can participate in job shadowing during Winter and Spring Breaks. Winter Break is December 18th-January 16th and Spring Break is March 12th-March 16th.

User Stories

A Student's Experience at Google

Spending a full day at Google in New York as a sophomore was eye-opening. My host Max guided me through his work every day, led me through some cool problems, and let me meet people on his team. He answered questions that were lurking on my mind too. It's really different seeing what an office dynamic is life versus just meeting people at a career fair; it really helped me picture myself working there. And funny, because I'm actually going to be there full time in the fall! Max and I still talk -- I met up with him last summer!

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A Student's Experience at CDM Smith

My host and I had similar interests involving our career paths so it was refreshing to see what my possible future looked like. She showed me around her office and introduced me to different coworkers, then she took me to a water plant construction site which allowed me to see the varying scenarios and tasks that come with the job.


A Student's Experience at FGY Architects

I got to talk to many people in the FGY Architects firm, some of which were specializing in residential buildings, and some in commercial. I got to see the differences between pursuing both these paths in architecture. Additionally, I got to go with my host and another architect to a house site nearby and watch their decision making process with the client of that house. It was very interesting and informative to job shadow, and it has really helped me confirm my interest in the field of architecture.

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A Host's Experience at VMware

I think being able to meet people in various roles was beneficial to my student. She was an HCI major so I planned a dedicated time slot for her to meet the UX team at my company who gave her a lot of relevant advice. My student was also interested in PM roles and she had a brief conversation with the PM of my team. The rest of the time was spent interacting with my team (front end developers) and got to observe our team's interaction with the UX team on our project.

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A Host's Experiene at Nurun

I think the student was able to get a better glimpse of what work life is like and how agencies function on a day to day basis. I think she also got a better grasp of what a UX designer does in conjunction with the other roles of a company. I also gave her advice on how to talk to employers and finding a job in general. I was able to be updated on the going on's at the design program and get a better sense of what students are looking for, what they're interested in learning about, and their concerns regarding job hunting.

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