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Group Job Shadowing

Are you an alumni interested in hosting a group of students at one time during a specific day? Email to set-up a group job shadowing session.

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Hosts -

Remember that Winter Break and Spring Break are popular times for students to take advantage of these programs. For the 2016-2017 academic year, Winter Break is December 19th-January 17th and Spring Break is March 13th-March 17th.

User Stories


A Student's Experience at Namely

Overall, I had a very positive experience and feel that the program helps with understanding the work environment for a field I may be interested in. I feel that I benefited from sitting in on various meetings to observe the agile project management process/cycle and important questions that come up in meetings. I also greatly benefited from the advice that the host provided me regarding how to make the most of interviewing a company during a job interview as well as the opportunity to interact with other employees in a range of positions related to my interests.

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An Alumni's Experience while Hosting at Namely

I think the student got a great sense of how the company and the technology organization works day to day. As a host, getting to connect with the types of people we are looking to hire give me great insight to what they are interested and care about.