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Mentoring Match Comes at Perfect Time

Like many students, junior men's tennis player Kiril Kirkov found searching for the right internship to be difficult and taxing. Even with a campus career and professional development center that has expertise in resume crafting and job placement at his disposal, Kirkov needed a little something extra. What he found was a voice who had experienced much of the same things, and he found it through the Student-Athlete Alumni Mentoring Program.

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Football Alum Joe Ferris Happy to Foster Real-World Experiences for Student-Athletes

For Joe Ferris (TPR'95, MBA'99) there are many reasons to stay connected to his alma mater, but maybe the most important one is the energy he feels as he walks amongst some of the brightest students in the nation. Ferris, a football alum, often returns to campus for Saturday football games, networking events or engagement opportunities with business classes.

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Mentoring Program Provides Alum Opportunity to Give

As a successful Carnegie Mellon University alum and former member of the cross country and track and field teams, Jessica Melanko Graham (CIT'05) has much to give. In an effort to give back, she now provides her time and wisdom to a place that helped shape her professional journey. Currently a research scientist with a Ph.D. in chemical engineering, Graham didn't want to miss the opportunity to give back in a personal way.

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Athletics Celebrates Student-Athlete Academic Success

Carnegie Mellon took time to celebrate its student-athletes on Wednesday, December 16, as members of the academic community and senior administration joined the athletics department to honor a select group of student-athletes for their success in the classroom. The second annual Student-Athlete Academic Achievement Celebration recognized the top juniors and seniors in each of the six undergraduate colleges that comprise Carnegie Mellon. The 29 students invited to attend the event boast an average GPA of 3.80. Seventeen have cumulative GPAs of 3.9 or higher and nine have unblemished academic records with perfect 4.0s.

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User Stories

The Tartan Family

One of the best things about Carnegie Mellon Athletics is that every student-athlete feels like he or she is part of one big family. I’m excited about our mentoring program because it makes the Tartan family even more tight knit. As a current student-athlete, I am really looking forward to the opportunity to discuss my professional goals and aspirations with someone who shares similar interests and who has had a similar experience as a CMU student-athlete. I’m sure that I will learn a lot about transitioning into the professional world, and I’m eager to make a new bond with a fellow Tartan. It’s phenomenal that the Department of Athletics is launching this mentoring program, and I hope that I can take my experience as a mentee to learn and grow in order to serve as a mentor down the road. I’m beyond excited that the CMU athletics network will have this fabulous program to foster connections between current student-athletes and alumni.

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We Are All Tartan Proud

I am really excited for this program to be coming to CMU athletics. Being a student-athlete is a unique experience and having a mentor that understands and has been through it themselves at CMU provides a bond between the mentor and mentee straight off the bat. Sports are obviously a very important part of our lives, but so are academics—the choices we make at CMU will influence our future careers. Having a mentor that is a professional in a field that we are interested in pursuing gives us an outlet to a wealth of information. They can provide insights on career options or paths that we may not have even considered, or give advice based on the decisions the made. This program will also allow the network of CMU athletics to grow—we are all Tartan proud and I know we are a community that are always willing and eager to help each other. As mentees now, we will become mentors in a few years and be able to give back to the athletic community by helping future athletes.

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